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                      Idea policy
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                      New Shicoh has established a quality management system conforms to the standard of ISO 9001:2015, the establishment of environmental management system in accordance with the standard ISO 14001:2015, establish occupation health and safety system of ISO45001 products, QC080000:2012 environment system, with ISO as the file management system play a co ordinating: international standards, laws and regulations, customer requirements, definition of responsibility and process of employee handbook and related procedure, work instruction and work standard, and record / results.:2015New Shicoh has established a few system in line with the international standard, such as the quality management system ISO 9001:2015, the environment management system ISO 14001:2015, the occupational health and safety system ISO45001, the product environmental system QC080000:2012, as well as an overall file management system under the guidance of ISO, including international standards, laws and regulations, customer requirements, employee manuals that define responsibilities and processes, relevant program documents, work instructions and operating standards, and result records.
                      New Shicoh has a relatively complete quality control system:
                      1, the introduction of new products! ! !
                      2. Supplier Management:
                      2-1. For new suppliers, evaluation and signing confidentiality agreement are necessary. After passing the accreditation., they will be listed in the qualified suppliers.
                      2-2. Qualified suppliers should cooperate with us in following management: a. annual QPA, QSA audit and relevant assistance b. Monthly quality review, evaluation and improvement c. QDCST score
                      2-3. Recognition of a new mold needs to be confirmed in a. full-scale measurement b. appearance c. torque d. performance e. strength f.RoHS/HSF data, yield, torque recognition, RA test
                      3. Incoming material control
                      IQC inspects incoming products strictly in accordance with JIS Z 9015-1 Standard II; AQL 0.4 and carry out isolation, return or disposal when abnormality occurs. A selection limit must be established with an engineer’s instruction on the spot when the selection is required. After sorting, the incoming materials need sampling inspection to guarantee the quality or can be put into use after being verified that it has no negative impact on quality.
                      4. Process control
                      4-1. A thorough IPQC engineering process is established to assure the benchmark. In addition, we also develop an inspection system of the first product, sampling frequency, inspection specification, abnormal processing flow and a stopping mechanism according to the abnormal severity on the abnormal alarm level list.
                      4-2. Engineering and customer complaints are solved in accordance with the FA false product analysis process: information feedback, interception, analysis, countermeasures, effect verification, and 8D report.
                      4-3. Changes to the process, any components in the product, equipment, equipment parameter, manufacturing quorum and site are all subject to 4M1E.
                      4-4. Perform reliability tests on products are conduct regularly. Operators must strictly follow the RA test abnormal process when there are abnormalities.
                      The following overall quality objectives are formulated to achieve and be consistent with our quality policy:
                      a, the production pass rate needs to reach 95%---the number of the products that are inspected in the inspection room  and meet the national standards is divided by the actual total output and multiplied by 100%.
                      b. The product ex-factory pass rate reaches 100%, that is, the products can only be delivered to others when they pass our inspection, and the untested and unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory.
                      c. Customer satisfaction is over 99%.
                      The specific measures for implementing the above quality policy and objectives are as follows:
                      1. Implementing the quality assessment system .The vice president and the director of production are directly responsible for the quality management of the whole plant. The employees in charge of quality and the corresponding departments take the divided responsibility.
                      2. Strengthening the quality education and working skill training for all employees. Employees in the workshop and inspectors should be familiar with product standards and related standards, and employees responsible for equipment management need to be up on the performance of the equipments.
                      3. Conducting strict inspection of raw materials, production processes and finished products in absolute accordance with the “Inspection Regulations”. The raw materials entering the factory and the consumables used in the production process needs to be inspected in batch and the verification should be recorded as required.
                      4. Reinforcing the quality control of the production process, especially the key processes (see process flow chart), and making a record.
                      5. Intensifying the maintenance of production equipments and facilities to ensure their integrity and normal working conditions to meet production needs.
                      7. Enahancing the product quality inspection. Products that have not passed the inspection and are inspected as unqualified are not allowed to be sold, and the qualified rate of the ex-factory products must be 100%.
                      8. Strengthening after-sales service. We should listen to the feedbacks of users (customers) and strive to improve our products to meet their needs.
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